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Welcome to Hostel Zaya in Mongolia!

Welcome to Hostel Zaya

Hostel Zaya, nestled in the heart of Mongolia, offers warm hospitality and immersive experiences for travelers seeking authentic connections. Our mission is to provide a haven for exploration and cultural enrichment in this enchanting land.

From adventurous backpackers to curious wanderers, Hostel Zaya has hosted a diverse array of guests, creating a vibrant tapestry of stories and memories shared under our roof.

Our dedicated team at Hostel Zaya is passionate about crafting unforgettable travel experiences, earning accolades for our commitment to exceptional service and sustainable tourism practices.

Embracing Timeless Mongolian Traditions at

Discover the Rich Heritage of Hostel Zaya

Honoring a Tradition of Hospitality and Community

The legacy of Hostel Zaya is woven with threads of genuine care, creating lasting relationships and fostering a sense of belonging among travelers who have found a welcoming embrace within our walls.

Our vision at Hostel Zaya is to continue bridging cultures, fostering connections, and sharing the beauty of Mongolia with the world, one guest at a time.

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