Best Destinations to Visit in Mongolia

Trying to decide where to go and what places to visit in Mongolia? Here are some of the best spots and sights to see.

Khongoriin Els

If you like to ride camels and see the Gobi dunes, this is THE place for you. Make sure to bring sunscreen, a lot of water, and pair of good shades, because it can get extremely hot and dry.

Trekking up the dunes can even take hours, so if you want to climb the dunes and take awesome pictures, you better start working out and getting in shape. While the peak isn’t that high, the sand dunes are very slippery and it takes a lot of effort to trek through the sand.


Khuvsgul Lake

This is where you will get to see one of the clearest waters in the world. Although it is very beautiful and pretty to look at, be careful of dipping your toes and cooling your feet, because the Khuvsgul Lake might look shallow, but it can be very deep and sometimes people do drown because of their carelessness.

Altai Mountains

Are you more of a hiker? Then the Altai Mountains towards Western Mongolia is the place for you. This is where most Kazakhs, Muslim Mongolians, live. So culturally it might be very different from the rest of Mongolia. If you come during the Eagle Festival season, you could partake in the event.



Auro Toson

This is more of a resort where you can relax for a few days and suntan. It’s in the Khentii province of Mongolia far away from any major cities, but there are plenty of foreigners and lodging specifically suited for travelers.

If you suffer from acne or any forms of skin problem, the pond is especially good for treating them. The salt, the oil, and the clay in the pond has minerals and nutrients that greatly benefit your skin.


Karakorum is the old capital of the Mongolian empire. For history nerds and enthusiasts this is the perfect place to learn more about Mongolian history, religion, and the culture.

Lake Baikal

Although this is not exactly in Mongolia, it’s still pretty close and if you happen to traveling through the country, then might as well drop by Lake Baikal.


Ulaanbaatar itself has its own unique culture compared to rest of the country. It’s interesting to compare how the progress it has had for the last few years. Try staying a few nights close the Night Street, and the main square if you like to party and are interested in more metropolitan areas.