Guide to Hiking and Trekking Around Mongolia

If you will be visiting Mongolia, you have to make sure you have the right gear, otherwise you will find it very hard to navigate through Mongolia’s countryside. Depending on where you go, your gear should be different, and you will need different things.

Riding Horses

If you will be riding horses, you want shoes that are light, so that heavy boots won’t be dragging you down or something. Sometimes you can even ride horses without any shoes but it’s best to keep them on 

Northern Mongolia

If you will be trekking through northern Mongolia, you need waterproof boots or leather boots that are water resistant. The northern climate of Mongolia is definitely a lot more moist and wetter than other parts of Mongolia. Sometimes during the summer it can rain for days and some of the rivers overflow, so be sure to schedule your travel during weather that is more appropriate.

Southern and Eastern Mongolia

Towards the south and the east, you will mostly find flat grasslands. So you should wear shoes that are good for keeping dirt away. Hiking boots or shoes are not recommended, because your feet will get really hot and smelly.

Rather just a pair of sneakers, or sandals will actually do just fine!

Western Mongolia

If you will be traveling towards the western part of Mongolia, you definitely need shoes and boots that have sturdy and thick soles. The soil is more jagged, rocky and there are more cliffs, and higher altitudes.

The climate is a mix between hot and dry heat, but it can rain a lot on certain days, so it’s bit of a mix of different climates. The western part of Mongolia is where you go to see Golden Eagle Festival, Kazakhs and people with a more Turkic / Central Asian ancestry.

What if I can only bring one pair of boots?

You should at least bring 2-3 pair of shoes, however, if you have limited space in your luggage and can’t bring any extra pair of boots or shoes, then you should get one of the Palladium boots for hiking. While traveling in France, I got one of these, and they have lasted well over 3 years even with daily use.

But, if you can bring more than one pair, I would suggest a pair of sneakers, sandals, and hiking boots that are waterproof!

What Clothes Should I Bring?

Mongolia’s weather is very unstable, so you should actually bring clothes for all seasons even when you are visiting during the summer. It’s really fickle. It can be sunny all day, rain for 30 minutes, become sunny again, and even snow on certain occasions.

During the night it becomes really cold as well, so it’s a bit of an annoying unstable weather.

If you are going down south, definitely bring some sunscreen and a hat.

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