How do nomads make Mongolian fur?

If you are not familiar with Mongolian culture, then you are in for a treat because it’s one of the most unique cultures around the world that is almost forgotten and unheard of. Specifically we’ll be learning more about how Mongolian fur pillows are made.

Who are Mongolian nomads


The Mongolian nomads are people who still live by the traditions of living with the land and the animals. For thousands of years, nomadic tribes have lived throughout the steppes of Eurasia which spanned from Hungary to Manchuria. Most often these tribes warred, intermarried, and had constant contact with one another. It wasn’t until 1206 when Chinggis Khaan or Temujin, united all these tribes and founded the Mongolian empire. He further went on to become one of the greatest leaders in history.

However since the fall of the Mongolian empire, descendents of Mongolians and Chinggis Khaan have been living the traditional nomadic lifestyle throughout Eurasia, and these nomads can be found in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Inner Mongolia, and Mongolia.

How do Mongolian nomads live

Their lifestyle is pretty simple without much worries of the modern day world. They live in harmony with nature and tend to their animals. Did you know that livestock outnumber the population of Mongolia by 20:1? Meat and animald produce are fairly cheap in Mongolia due to that fact.

Studies have shown that Mongolian nomads who live out in the countryside are healthier, have better immune systems and overall happier despite living away from the luxuries from modern day technology and the convenience.

Researchers are showing that stronger family ties and communities are one of the big reasons for why some people live longer, are more healthier and happier.

Usually the nomad lifestyle involves performing manual work such as tending to the flock of sheep, animals, making sure they are well fed and maintained. Division of labour is pretty apparent, where women mostly take care of household chores and other tasks that don’t require much strength, whereas men are in charge of erecting, building things, breakind down horses, etc.

What do the nomads do for a living

While money is not an essential part of being a nomad, they still contribute greatly to the economy and produce quality materials and goods. From milk, to biscuits, to wool and fur, the Mongolian nomads are an integral part of the economy and supply the general population with food, clothing material, cashmere etc.

If you ever go to live with nomads, you will realize that they mix play and work together. It’s as if their lifestyle is not necessarily considered “work” but just part of their life.

For example, women wake up early to tend to their livestock, milk them, feed them, and the men shearing the sheep for fur etc.

Shearing Sheep

Some people might have wondered whether it is ethical to produce Mongolian fur. Good news, because the sheep are not necessarily harmed during the process of making Mongolian fur.

They sheep are sheared first, which require them to subdued for a few minutes while the nomads shear their wool and fur. The wool and fur are then transported/ collected and sent off to processing plants that clean them.

The material then is sent to other factories that create products and the wool ends up being used for products and goods that are sold in stores.

You will find Mongolian fur throws, pillows, deels, coats, jackets, and various other goods that are made specifically for keeping warmth and insulation.

Worldwide Distribution

Mongolia is still a developing economy so it still has a lot to catch up with when it comes to competing in the world markets, but it’s a growing industry and as the world learns more about Mongolia, more and more people are opting to buy Mongolian produce and goods.

Cashmere is one of those big trends and Mongolian fur and sheep wool seems to be next, because Mongolia’s quality is almost unmatched.